Guilt Free

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Guilt Free is a visual novel crossed with a point and click made to offer perspective on mental health and eating disorders. Navigate a couple's rocky relationship and encounter "flaws" or "quirks" that may actually be symptomatic behaviors.Branching StoryIn Guilt Free you play as the partner of someone who is struggling with an eating disorder. It is up to you how to approach her. Will you be loving and supportive? Or will you demand change? The story will change depending on your choices, offering a different experience with each playthrough!Multiple EndingsUnblock all 5 different endings and see how your actions affected the relationship's future. Will you get the happy ending?ExplorationGuilt Free is not a typical Visual Novel. You can explore the house to get more information about the couple's life and their past. Some of these items will also let you unblock hidden collectibles!
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Minimum system requirements
Windows 8