2016 Scenarios - Power & Revolution 2020 Edition

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Play as a head of state or as the opposition on 01/01/2016: participate in the numerous conflicts raging around the world (Syria, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, Somalia) reconstructed to the smallest detail, try to win the US presidential election or quickly get married in France.New 2016 Scenarios : • Government 2016 Free Mode: select a country and play as its leader on January 1, 2016. • Democratic Opposition 2016 Free Mode: select a country and play as the head of the opposition party on January 1, 2016. • War in Syria and Iraq 2016: with a conflict map accurately reflecting the situation at the beginning of 2016, play as your choice of one or several combatants and try to claim victory. • Chaos in Libya: play as the official head of state in Tripoli or the opposition as the leader of the army that has conquered the eastern part of the country or another illegal organization plaguing the region and try to turn the war to your advantage. • Ukrainian Quagmire: as the head of the Ukrainian government or the Donbass separatists, put an end to the conflict that is ravaging the eastern Ukraine with an outcome favorable to your side. • Danger in Somalia: as the leader of Somalia, destroy the terrorist organization that is sowing terror in the country and make peace with the autonomous regions in the north. • Terror in Nigeria: as the president of Nigeria, annihilate the terrorist organization that is spreading terror in the north-east of the country. • US Election 2016: play as one of the candidates for the US election: run a campaign, manage your budget, establish your campaign platform, participate in debates and try to become the 45th president of the United States. • Presidential Wedding: as the French presidential election approaches, quickly get married to improve your image and increase your chances of reelection.
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Minimum system requirements
1.6 Ghz
Windows 10, 8, 7