Lost Remnant: Roaches to Riches

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Lost Remnant: WherehouseBe sure to Wishlist 'Wherehouse' the next game in the Lost Remnant series!Lost Remnant: The End Tides'The End Tides' is a Free Point and Click Adventure that takes place in the same thematic universe as Roaches to Riches. But you can play them in any order!About the GameAs a poor Roacher in Rooktown, each day is a struggle.But your true struggle is just beginning.Discover the means to rise from the impoverished underground of Rooktown.Form a business to expand your financial and political means.But beware what attention you attract.You're not the only one utilizing eldritch things to your own ends.Your true adversaries are many.And they're waiting to pry and pilfer your hard-earned discoveries and profits.Will you rise to challenge and surpass them?Or will the hidden cult of Rooktown be your end? A Point and Click Management game. Collect resources to further your means. Nurture and utilize Incomprehensible Entities. Crafting. Discover Hidden Secrets in the Homes of the Cultists. Build a business and manage your Agents. Interact with the town around you, gaining secrets and lore about the world. The 2nd game in the Lost Remnant series, but playing the first (The End Tides) is not required!Join the community on Discord!Aside from Game Development, Jeff Sproul is the Author of the Sigil Online book series on Amazon.
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Minimum system requirements
1.0 GHz
128 MB, DirectX 9.0
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10