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Carnage is a multiplayer vehicle creation/destruction-based game where players must decisively and tactically try to dominate the arena with their personalised carnage vehicle. Players will have an array of primary weapons to choose from, all to suite a certain playstyle. The arenas the vehicles battle in are specifically made to offer long and short distance engagements, with special weapon pickups and resource points also littering the map to make every brawl unique. All of this action takes place in a world which feels like it is alive. With moving components all around the world, they’ll be many ways a player can make every battle unique. To amplify the gameplay, Carnage will be multiplayer driven to ensure that chaos is at the forefront of design. PLEASE NOTE: Carnage is a Birmingham City University based project created by a small team of 8 aspiring students with a limited time frame! It is also multiplayer only so be sure to bring some friends... or enemies! Thank you very much :)
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Minimum system requirements
4-core processor
Intel HD Graphics 500 Series / AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series / NVIDIA GeForce 500 Series
Windows® 10