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At the beginning of the game you are thrown to the island in a prison orange robe which is very noticeable against the background of green nature so hurry to find less noticeable clothes. If the round drags on for too long, take care of food and water in order to survive after several hungry days spent in custody. The well-known mode of the royal battle does not need a description, but any way, you must know - land near buildings, look for equipment, fight the enemy and do not go outside the zone. These few simple rules of this mode make the game exciting and create many unique game moments that require the player to quickly make a decision on which the victory will depend. The game has a variety of small arms, grenades, a flamethrower, a grenade launcher, and of course there is axe :)
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Minimum system requirements
Any 64x
Any 1024 Mb
2048 MB RAM
Windows 7