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Once upon a time, in an isometric world, a ball fell out of the sky and met its soulmate, a cube. There were oh-so different at first, but upon a gentle touch, the cube took affection with the ball and became a part of its soul. The ball, hungry for more, took it upon itself to sample everything life has to offer, devouring through all the other cubes until there were no more. But so many cubes remain, so many places to explore, the ball can't do it alone. Will you be the worthy guide to assist the ball? If so, you'll need to apply the subtle amounts of torque and vertical impulse in this precise physics arcade platformer. Good luck ball, may your adventure be bold and colourful. XOL is an isometric physics platformer. Being all physics based, your controls add torque to the ball, making the game easy to understand but hard to master. A modern take on classic arcade genres! Paint all the tiles on the level to advance to to next one, double and triple jumps are encouraged. And use plenty of brakes! Two modes of play. A puzzle style platforming arcade mode with gradual levels; and a race mode, about surviving and advancing quickly in an ever changing world.
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