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In Series Makers you live your own directors' dream. You start in the 80s at the Netklix-University developing your first own series. Soon you will reach big success and earn tons of money. Be prepared to build your own series and streaming empire, in the world of Series Makers.Netklix UniversityYou start as a little student who wants to make his dreams come true. You'll develop series the way you want, experiment with new ideas, discover new combinations of settings and themes, while exploring the first game-mechanics.First own officeWith the help of your university, you get the opportunity to broadcast your series on a real television channel. The audience recognizes that the future belongs to you. But there is still a way to go. You move into your first own office, hire new staff, explore new options and both your studio and your skills continue to grow.Get BIGThrough your success, new possibilities are now open to you. You can now hire even more staff, create your own streaming platform and even build facilities that give you bonuses or unlock entire game mechanics.FeaturesCreate your own seriesNearly 100 research projectsCreate your own streaming-platformWith 7 settings and 48 themes, you can create 336 different series combinations15 TV-stations await your next seriesCreate your own user-characterConstruct your own protagonistsBuild you own storiesUse advertising to market successful series even betterHire up to 6 employeesYour employees can fill one of 7 different jobsChoose from 8 different facilitiesExperience a journey from the 80s to the present and conquer the TV world"The best game we have ever developed." (first release)- Developer -
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Minimum system requirements
Hardware Accelerated Graphics with dedicated memory
Windows 10