Flaky Bakery Demo

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You bake then you flake!You were once one of the finest heroes in the land, but you have grown old and tired. Retirement is upon you, but you must still make a living. In a past life you learned how to make bread. Taking your trusty wagon with you and your knowledge of making bread, you travel around selling to the monsters you once fought as a hero. The problem? You can only seem to stay awake long enough to bake 5 good loaves a day.Monsters from far and wide hear of your amazing (almost burnt) bread and flock to you to buy. You let the poor, brainless foes purchase your less-than delicious bread and then knock them out using the skulls of your past enemies to win back the bread they bought.Demo FeaturesSix playable levelsTwo unlockable BakersThree unlockable color palettesFull Version Features:Five different zones. There's a total of 50+ levels across all zones to complete on your journey to retirement, each zone having their own aesthetics.Many different types of enemies. Some just want your bread, but others have special traits to alter the action.Special Trinkets. Cute little trinkets are available to purchase with your hard earned coin. Decorate your wagon!Boss fights! Each zone has a unique boss guarding the path to the next area.Hire some help! There are plenty of young whipper snappers willing to work for you, which are unlockable with various means throughout the game.Colors for everyone! Unlock a bunch of different color palettes that change the entire look of the game.Full controller support. Use your favorite controller! Mouse and keyboard are fine too.
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