Treasure of Cutuma 3rd

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About musicYou can get music mp3 files in the following way.The music is composed using a commercially licensed sound loop. Please enjoy at ease.Right-click the game name in STEAM app.Click "Manage".Click "Browse Local Files".The mp3 file is displayed.You can freely distribute the videos of this game.However, this game includes songs composed using commercially licensed sound loops.Options NotesChecked that the screen flickers when SHADOW PROJECTION is not set to STABLE FIT.About the GameThe artwork we received from RusimituTreasure of Cutuma 3rd -Dawn of Cutuma-Video distributor "Cutuma 3rd"s fan game.It is considered that people who do not know Cutuma 3rd can enjoy it.StoryOne day, Ran Kawasaki learns about a hidden treasure in the Republic of Cutuma.There is a hidden treasure hidden by Cutuma III, who ruled the ancient Cutuma Empire.Ran flew to the Republic of Cutuma on the advice of her guide.About gameTPS game. The player's weapon is a rifle.(The number of bullets is infinite. Each shot requires a reload.)The goal is to liberate all the villages and get 5 treasure cards.The area is 1 kilometer square.Original music composition.Including metafictional remarks. If you are familiar with indie games, you can enjoy it more.If you like junk games, you can enjoy it more.If you are a fan of "Cutuma 3rd", you can enjoy it more.Since the famous junk games in Japan and other countries are different, they are translated considering the difference.What is a free asset?Game materials that are freely available to independent game developers.It is so-called the free materials.IndicatorControlsW, A, S, D: Move.Spacebar: jump. You can jump 4 times.Dash: Shift key.Reload technique: While running, release the Shift key only for a moment, press R, and then press Shift again.ESC: Pause screen.E: Draw(or put into holster) the rifle.Right Click: Aim target with rifle.Left click: Shoot a rifle if you're aiming at a target. Read the texts.Interact: get closer to what you interact with.F: Turn on the flashlight.G: Turn off the flashlight.TAB: Displays the treasure cards that you own.When Ran is on an airplaneW, S: Speed increase/decrease.Mouse, A, D: Control. (up and down inverted)Left click: Shoot a machine gun. (Infinite number of bullets)C: Switch cameraCharactersThe Goddess CutumaThere is a legend that a person who collects five hidden treasures of a goddess brings eternal prosperity.Ran KawasakiThe main character. She visits the Republic of Cutuma in search of hidden treasures.Risa Kawasaki (Ran's younger sister)The face looks the same as Emirin, but the design is actually different.Mom(free asset)Republic of CutumaPresident NS (Sonic-Alpha)Current President of the Republic of Cutuma.Demonbane Sanlang HitomiPresidential aideLittle adventurer (free asset)A local guide. employed by the President.Unity-chan (© Unity Technologies Japan/UCL) (free asset)She will fully recover your HP for 100 Cutuma dollars.Kusoge Resistance ArmyThe coalition of things about Junk Games.They have their justice.Rabbit (free asset)He is a leader in the KSG resistance.Emirin (Sonic-Alpha)She became the king of Gamegulland after an incident and joined the KSG.Zombie (free asset)He has been overworked lately.
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Minimum system requirements
Intel Core i5 (7th) or higher
Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 or higher
Windows 7,8,10(64bit)