Labyrinth of the Chaka King

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■StoryLegend has it that the Chaka Kingdom disappeared overnight without a trace, and the Tenryaku sisters are determined to solve the mystery.One day, the archaeologist duo discovers a subterranean entrance leading into the fabled Chaka King's Labyrinth. What twists and turns does it hold in store for them...?■About the GameTake Tokiko on an archeological journey through the depths of the Chaka King's labyrinth.In order to find your way to the end, you'll need to hone your reflexes and refine your puzzle solving skills. Hidden among the 50+ rooms of this ancient labyrinth are treasures that will help solve the mysteries of the Chaka Kingdom. Clear all of the rooms and collect the many treasures to conquer the Labyrinth of the Chaka King!
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