Train Simulator: Union Pacific GP40X Loco Add-On

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GP40X: The “X” stood for experimental. As locomotive builder Electro-Motive in the late 1970s prepared to make the transition from its highly successful “40 Line” of diesel locomotives toward its new “50 Series,” EMD arranged with four major railroads (Union Pacific; Santa Fe; Southern Railway; and Southern Pacific) to field test a transitional model – the GP40X.Equipped with EMD’s 16-cylinder 645F3 power plant rated it 3,500-horsepower, the GP40X was visibly different than a standard GP40-2 (or the subsequent GP50) as it sported flared radiator panels at the rear (much like the famed SD45) and, in the case of the Union Pacific and Southern Pacific units, rode atop newly designed two-axle EMD HT-B high-adhesion trucks.From December 1977 through June 1978, a total of 23 GP40X units were constructed by EMD for the four railroads participating in the testing program. Union Pacific operated six of the distinctive and powerful GP40X type, which now is available for Train Simulator service!With four axles and a high-horsepower rating, the GP40X was ideally suited to fast duties such as priority intermodal service although, like all EMD “Geeps,” it was versatile and could be employed in virtually any duty. Dressed in Union Pacific’s classic yellow and gray livery, the GP40Xs served the UP from 1978 through 2001 when the last members of the GP40X class were retired. For a small group of locomotives, the GP40Xs on Union Pacific certainly operated with a variety of road numbers through the years, as the units originally carried 9000-series numerals, then 90-series, then 950-series, and finally a couple of the units wore UP 5500-series road numbers.Created for Train Simulator by third party programme partner Travel by Train, the Union Pacific GP40X features realistic operating characteristics, cab, controls, and details, including the ability to assign a full selection of authentic road numbers. The Union Pacific GP40X DLC includes a pair of scenarios for the Train Simulator Sherman Hill route (route available separately) and can also be authentically put to work in scenarios on a variety of other popular U. S. lines such as the Feather River Canyon and Soldier Summit routes. Experience the experimental – with the Union Pacific Electro-Motive 3,500-horsepower GP40X for Train Simulator! Included ScenariosTwo career scenarios featuring the Union Pacific EMD GP40X on the Train Simulator Sherman Hill route are included (route available separately).[GP40X] Fast Four[GP40X] Nitrate deliveryPlease Note: Sherman Hill Route Add-On is required, as a separate purchase, in order to play the scenarios featured in this add-on.More scenarios are available on the Steam Workshop online and in-game. Train Simulator’s Steam Workshop scenarios are free and easy to download, adding many more hours of exciting gameplay. With scenarios being added daily, why don’t you check it out now!Click here for Steam Workshop scenarios.Key FeaturesElectro-Motive GP40X diesel locomotive in Union Pacific liveryRealistic cab, controls, and operating featuresAbility to assign all authentic road numbersTwo career scenarios for the Sherman Hill routeQuick Drive compatibleDownload size: 90.2mb
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