Train Simulator: DB BR 204 Loco Add-On

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Featured DLC the GameShunting magnificence comes to life on the island of Rügen with the classic DB BR 204 for Train Simulator!In the 1950s, the Deutsche Reichsbahn were keen to get dieselisation underway, replacing steam locomotives with a modern fleet of standardised locomotives, that between all variants could cover any duty required on the network. Many locomotive designs started cropping up, including the V60, V90 and V164, however none managed to fill the 1,000 horsepower market, and so a further design was established.Dubbed the “V100”, the first of this new 1,000 hp locomotive was built in 1966 (following the production of two prototypes) and the result was a double-ended locomotive with the cab situated in the middle, allowing for seamless operation in either direction. In all, over 860 of these locomotives would be built, and they were put to use on all medium traffic throughout East Germany.Many locomotives were rebuilt during their lifespan in order to excel at more specific duties, one such in particular was retrofitted with a 1100 kW engine, and these were classified as the DR Class 114. With the Reunification of Germany and the merger of Deutsche Reichsbahn and Deutsche Bundesbahn, these locomotives were reclassified once again to become the DB BR 204.There was an additional caveat however, given the age of the BR 204s and in some cases their redundancy amongst other traction, they were soon limited to 80 km/h and cast off the main network, making them a fleet of dedicated shunting locomotives. Included ScenariosA trio of engaging Career scenarios for the Inselbahn: Stralsund – Sassnitz route are included:[204] 1. Stralsund Harbour[204] 2. Port Shunt[204] 3. The RescuePlease Note: Inselbahn: Stralsund – Sassnitz Route Add-On is required, as a separate purchase, in order to play the scenarios featured in this add-on.More scenarios are available on the Steam Workshop online and in-game. Train Simulator’s Steam Workshop scenarios are free and easy to download, adding many more hours of exciting gameplay. With scenarios being added daily, why don’t you check it out now!Click here for Steam Workshop scenarios.Key FeaturesDB BR 204 “V100” diesel locomotive in DB Traffic Red liveryPrototypical driving behaviour3-stage fluid torque converter transmission gearbox with additional 2-gear mechanical gearboxAuthentic driving cab and controlsInstrument, cab and desk lightsVariable speed wipersOpenable cab windowsMultiple cab camerasPZ80r PZB90 V2.0 with AZ720 and Time-Time SIFA safety systems2 Switchable brake modesCold start functionality3 Career scenarios for the Inselbahn: Stralsund – Sassnitz routeQuick Drive compatibleDownload size: 347.7mb
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