The Mines of Morseph

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The Mines of Morseph is an Action RPG. Explore the mines as Darsius, the miner slave who finds himself all alone in a locked mine with evil lurking at every corner. KEY FEATURES: - Fight enemies or avoid most with fancy footwork and stealth - Advance by finding keys, hidden switches, levers, studying lore, and learning code words - Use your natural fireball power to destroy enemies and burn through certain obstacles - Ability to fully customize input buttons for game pad or keyboard - Grow stronger by gaining levels with XP; XP is earned by solving puzzles...not just fighting! - High quality musical soundtrack FULL INTRODUCTION: "Darsius was a peaceful man and farmer who never hurt anyone in his life. He did, however, possess a power that other mortals did not...the power of fire. His village feared this and sold him into slavery with his hands bound so he could not cast spells. He was sent to the dreaded Mines of Morseph to labor for life... Then one day, an unspeakable evil appeared and brought hordes of undead to destroy the miners and seize control of the mines. Darsius survived and there were no signs of other survivors. During the commotion, his chains were snapped thus freeing him to cast magic. He is one man alone in the mines of evil; locked in and unable to find the mine key to escape. Here is his tale..."
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