Six Degrees of Damnation

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Six Degrees of Damnation will keep you in constant tension. You play as Tim Torok, a businessman that has found himself in a maze of a sewer after a night out drinking. He makes the unfortunate discovery that there's far worse than a couple of rats lurking about. Equipped with only a flashlight to defend yourself, you must try to survive and find the exit. Aggressive inhabitants, evil spirits, and unusual artifacts await you in this network of corridors, rooms, and traps. Expect multiple unexpected scares and chases as you progress through this horror game. You can also expect to be challenged with various puzzles that offer rewards which greatly increase your chances of survival. Race through the labyrinth and see if you can make it through and out of the six increasingly large levels.Don't expect to be able to follow the same path every play through, procedural generation is used for every level to ensure a unique experience every time. These random spawns mean you never know what kind of danger, or maybe relief, can be right around the corner.
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