Star Control: Origins - Reinforcements DLC

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Prepare for battle! A new wave of diverse ships has arrived, nearly doubling the number of available vessels in the Fleet Battles mode for Star Control: Origins. Everyone will find something that suits their playstyle in this free DLC.From the lithe Harmony Fighter and its flame turrets all the way to the Vulzon Galley with its rows of powerful missiles, you’ll enjoy devising a wide range of new strategies for commanding and battling against these ships. All of the new vessels have been carefully balanced and are available both in single and multiplayer versions of Fleet Battles. Challenge your friends online and see who can master these new ships and claim victory!FeaturesA dozen brand new ships added to the Fleet Battles mode of the game. Norast Diamond - Huge range and high DPS ship with a dual laser and gatling laser. Inamorata Strike - Fast ship with tracking missiles and a devastating rear shot. Menkmack Opportunist - Ship made for barraging enemies with dumbfire missiles and canister mines. Muaertreaze Fighter - Drone vessel made for drive-by ship destroying with Flank Blasters and Immobilizing Mines. Harmony Fighter - Fast moving ship with an Eradication Ray and a Flame Turret. Radiant Angel - Ship full of beautiful, murderous light. Scavenger - Robust ship that pulls enemies in with deadly tractor beams and collects their destroyed ships. Xelnathi Conqueror - New ship loaded with Xraki triple lasers and slow bolt casters. Trandal Overwhelmer - Scout ship with a triple bolt and destructive phasor. Vulzon Galley - Slow, heavy ship that shoots dangerous lines of missiles. Shantid Destroyer - Strange looking ship with long-tracking plasma bolts. Xraki Horror - Low HP but quick-moving ship, equipped with deadly torpedoes and a black hole mine.
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