Metro Explosion Simulator

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METRO EXPLOSION SIMULATOR This game gives an experience that can not be acquired in real life without dying. For the first time in history, everyone will have the opportunity to experience the explosion of a subway train on their skin. Here you are sitting in the vagon peacefully, do not suspect anything. After a moment, corpses are scattered across the carriage. Next you will see another train crashes into yours. While wandering through endless corridors and looking for a way to the surface, you have to be careful, otherwise you can get the experience of knocking you down by train. You can scream for help by pressing "H" on the keyboard and try calling 911 on in-game phone. This game has alligators in the tonnel, and a traditional for our games praying to the developer. There is some hidden stuff as well. The ending will be unexpected. The game has several cheat codes for instant-experience and non-plot content: 1. CTRL ALT SHIFT 0 clamped at the same time will create a situation in which another train promptly crashes into your car (need to wait 10-20 seconds) 2. CTRL ALT SHIFT 3 - causes the train to explode immediately. Specifications: First person view Character has a body Realistic graphics Advanced physics Cheat codes
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