Infinite Skyline: Superflight

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Infinite Skyline: Superflight is a flying simulator with focus on chase a lead aircraft trough 50 missions ( in the final version) and get points when you pass close to buildings. Set in a huge city with 50 levels and several secrets to be found. Each level with different difficulty level and few different challenges, some levels may have reduced visibility, others have moving objects, narrow passages, and hordes of others flying objects. Every level you will explore more and more the amazing city, but also other places far away from the city like canyons, industrials areas and more. Pass close to buildings to get approximation points, and score the maximum you can in the leader boards. This game is 100% playable but is in Early Access, while all the 50 checkpoints are already there, they will change position and more will require more ring-groups to be achieved. Lots of other features will be added.
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