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Paul was a normal boy. He lived a normal life and was happy.He had moved to a new city, and it was his first day in the new school.No. Paul was no normal boy... A normal boy is not like him.I strongly believe he has a problem. A big problem.Life's most difficult problem to deal with.Help him. Please.Think_ is an unconventional RPG with a rhythm-based combat system.Listen to Paul's story from a different point of view - his own.Features:A rhythm-based combat system with arrows... for some reason.Meta elements... idk why honestly.Plenty of easter eggs.Questionable design choices that you will dislike.Uncool characters that you will unquestionably hate...A final note: in this game nobody can die.I mean.. that is possible... if you apply yourself to it.But don't try to do it, bro.Don't even think_ about it ok?
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