Rolling Rumble

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Rolling Rumble goes back to the roots of arcade shooters. You don't need to worry about running out of ammo or stamina, just have fun shooting other players. Collect power ups to gain an advantage over your online opponents! You will be playing on unique maps each with their own style of gameplay. Play with AI bots or other players, or even both at the same time. Not only can you customize your players skin, laser, and light color, but you can also create your own cross-hair with the in game tool. Features: - Play online with players and/ or bots, or offline with bots - Customize your player, and unlock new options with steam achievements - Create your own cross hair using the in-game tool - On launch, play 2 modes (FFA/TDM), and 3 maps. (more of each with future updates) - Collect power ups to gain an advantage over your opponents (15 at initial launch, more with updates) - Steam stats, view your stats and compare them globally
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