Moscow Rush

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Upcoming release the GameRide through the ice-covered streets of Moscow in an old-school truck, leaving behind your clumsy competitors. Prepare your car in the garage – collect, buy and replace engine parts, chassis and wheels. And then win everything in street races and deadly thrilling rallies along the frozen streets, leaving your competitors far behind... or crushing them!The full game will contain: more than 10 legendary Russian machines, from a variety of Kamaz trucks, GAZ-AA, ZIS-5, ZIS-150, ZIL-130 to mighty KRAZ-255 and URAL-4320; more than 6 different tracks in closed snowy streets and open areas around Moscow’s surroundings; multiplayer competition for up to 4 players, along with environmental effects of smoke, fire, snow, dust, and explosions; In the garage, you will be able to upgrade more than 30 parts of the chassis, engine, wheels and steering system.
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