War Platform 2.0

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War Platform is about a sophisticated war in the modern world, Cooperative operations are below the saturation of local strategic and tactical weapons, about the hope and the eternal theme -WAR,It is a surreal game and has the largest arsenal in the world, weapons of DIY on any kind of platform ,especially Heavy combat weapon on the earth.Any weapon you want, missile, gun, laser, can be equipped on the sea platform under water platform also we will wrap all the advanced weapons on the sea today Keep up with the latest weapons and equipment in the new sea, land and air,include the world moste powerful heavy weapon from sea toair.In this game ,you can drive modern warship ,aircraft to Large-scale operations.You can modify the weapon system of the upgrade platform,,This is a highly free design system,Set your weapon platform color,With the upgrade of weapons you will be able to cope with powerful enemies that are hard to imagine. Support dual screen and any size screen play!1 command missile boat to destroy the imaginary enemy aircraft carrier2 operating the battleship and aircraft to find potential enemy to destroy3 command the entire fleet for a large-scale naval battle4 accurate ground strike mission5 resisting the invasion of alien spaceships to defend the last territories of the Earth6.the sea supply task7.lunch Aircraft carrier carrier!We produced high-precision heavy weapon models in software in this game.At present, there are 10 types of aircraft platforms including helicopters, trainers, tankers, deflection gyroplanes, attack aircraft, etc.There are already 11 aircraft platforms including aircraft carriers, destroyers, landing ships, cruisers, etc.We fight for hope,for freedom!Hot key:F10Open /close mapF12Calibrate the target coordinate data on the map, so as to input the parameters into each cruise missile or ballistic missileF11Delete calibrated coordinates
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