Supermagical - Soundtrack

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This is the beautiful original soundtrack of Supermagical, remastered for the first time ever.Download it for free with your purchase of the game for a limited time only.Author: Damián Sánchez of Sonotrigger.Format: MP3 320 Kbps.Jerry Goldsmith Awards nomination in 2012.Track list:01_Supermagical02_The Magical Tower03_Travel to Easter Lands04_Sunny Easter Lands05_Battle at Old Sanctuary06_Nina's training07_Battle at Galleon Beach08_Laziness09_Puzzle at Town Gates10_Gluttony11_Manuel's game12_Battle at Golden Towers13_Greed14_Travel to the Old World15_Snowy Old World16_Battle at White Houses17_Wrath18_Puzzle at Snow Woods19_Lust20_Battle at Iron Towers21_Envy22_Battle at Victorian Hotel23_Pinata!24_Battle at Snowy Lighthouse25_Travel to the Sky Islands26_Rainy Sky Islands27_Battle at Innocence28_Puzzle at Precision29_Battle at Quality30_Pride - The last sister fight31_End Credits
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