Talk to Yuno

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Yuno has been interested in the occult since a young age.However, most of her attempts so far failed to produce any results.Spells had little effect, predictions were hit and miss....Armed with a new crystal ball and a book about summoning, Yuno decided to double her efforts."This time, it will work!""I will finally establish a connection with a different dimension."After patiently waiting for the planets to align, drawing an elaborate magic circle and chanting the right incantation...She finally managed to summon...... YOU!~New Features~In addition to the usual keyword and greeting systems found in the Talk to... line:Help Yuno Solve Cases: The reason why Yuno summoned you in the first place is because she wants to ask for advice.Keyword Preview: Keyword suggestions appear as you type! This makes it easier to find topics to talk about.Unexpected Visitors: Aya and Saki might show some interest in the supernatural. ~Play a little bit every day~Some cases develop over time. You and Yuno might both think that you solved someone's problem... but then things take an unexpected turn.※Note:No need to worry about saving!Player's name and progress are saved automatically.
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