Yet Another Snake Game

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You are seeing another interpretation of the well-known game from the time of the first game consoles. In this game, your main character, a snake according to the law of the genre, should eat apples and increase in length. But. This time, she is not afraid of death from eating their own tail. Moreover, it can sharply turn back without performing a tedious turn. Of the several innovations, it is also worth noting that the snake should collect apples not only for growth but also for increasing the points multiplier. To complete the level you must destroy the gray cells by eating. At each level indicated the required number of destroyed gray cells in a row. And with a high multiplier, you get more points from gray cells. Eating apples, the snake gradually accelerates and becomes difficult to control. Apples also will not wait long for you and may disappear. Generally. Manage to pick apples and destroy gray cells without a miss. Management is performed both with the help of arrows and with the help of WASD. Have a nice game.
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