All That Remains: A story about a child's future

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Notes from the developerIt is recommended to play with XBOX One Controller.In order to adapt the atmosphere to the game, we also recommend a quiet environment, as well as a darkened room.Children who are in a similar position like the main character can react very emotionally to the game.About the GameYou are on the path of your own childhood that you have not experienced before. You find Diary entries from your own diary that you have not yet written.You play a 10-year-old girl who writes the first entry in her diary one evening until her mother calls her to go to bed. She lies down and falls asleep. She awakens on an island full of meadows and trees. It is there night and clear sky, so you can see the starry sky and the full moon illuminates the entire landscape.You wonder where and how you got there, and then the girl calls out to her mother, but of course she can not hear. Now she's getting on the Way to explore the island. She finds a number of pages that tell her different parts of childhood, apparently of her own childhood. The more sites she finds, the more she gets an idea of who she is and how her life will change over the next 8 years.She goes through funny and beautiful moments but also bad and sad. The pages look like fragments of her own diary, which she will write in the next 8 years, with the peculiarity of reading it now, before she has finished writing it.At some point, she found all the pages and the story is complete. She now know her future and know what will happen.A bed appears in front of her and she will lie down. A small dialogue is formed between her and her mother that you can now understand why some things are the way they are.Name: ChloeAge: 10City: Stratford, CanadaThe game is intended to remind adults of their own childhood and to show how life is from the perspective of children. There was a lot of emphasis on a multi-layered story to suit as many people as possible. The story is realistic and should not be ridiculous.On the other hand, the game should show children how their view on the coming years will/can change.LOWEST- Bad graphics (100FPS)LOW- Acceptable Graphics (85FPS)MEDIUM Default- Good graphics (75FPS)HIGH- Pretty good graphics (65FPS)HIGHEST- Best graphics that you can achieve (50FPS)Move- WASD / Left analog-stickRun- Shift / Left triggerLook- Mouse / Right analog-stickInteract- Left mouse button / AInventory- Tabulator / SelectPause- Escape / MenuDesign / Programming / IdeaDaniel LorenzStorywritingYoavierVoiceBreelyn WoodSongwritingFiona Reid
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