Astrologaster: Soundtrack

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The original Astrologaster soundtrack, featuring all of the songs from the game. Includes 16-track album in MP3 format and lyrics for all songs in PDF format.Tracklist1. Avis Allen (1:29)2. Nicholas Mugg (1:08)3. Alice Blague (1:36)4. Mary Payne (2:10)5. Riccardo Ferraro (1:43)6. Emilia Lanier (2:13)7. Humphrey Bell (2:50)8. John Whitgift (3:12)9. Sybil Fortescue (2:27)10. Robert Devereux (2:06)11. A Murdering (0:47)12. Thomas Blague (2:05)13. Emma Sharpe (3:01)14. Lancelot Moore (2:40)15. Fap not, Forman (1:39)16. Astrologaster (3:17)Following download, songs are located in the Astrologaster folder in the Steam Directory. Right-click 'Astrologaster' in your Steam library, select 'Local Files', then 'Browse Local Files' to find the Soundtrack folder.CreditsComposer: Andrea BoccadoroLyrics: Katharine NeilMusic Supervisor: Emily Appleton HolleyConductor: Benjamin WoodgatesSoprano: Emily DickensAlto: Ruth KiangTenor: Benedict Hymas & Robin BaileyBass: Jimmy Holliday & Christopher Webb Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Air-Edel Recording StudiosRecorded, Mixed & Mastered by Nick TaylorAssistant Engineer: Oliver ThompsonVocal Editing: Nick Harding
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