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Entrapment is an Early Access Game where you play as a Robot named Quimic fighting off the hordes of enemy robots called BA-Units in your attempt to escape with a resource called Noracium. You start in the Noracium Mine where your objective is to steal a sample of the mineral to awaken other Robots to aid you in your fight! You can play with others/ to try and escape! Work together, unlock areas, upgrade weapons, and gain abilities to make it happen!You will need to complete objectives in order to advance and complete the escape plan! Explore each map and evade waves of enemies who’s only goal is to dismantle you! Use weapon upgrades to give you the extra firepower you need in high rounds and fun abilities to get out of tight situations!Each map is filled with life in very contrasting ways! Noracium Mine takes place in a cavern that has been partially transformed into a laboratory with lots of tight spaces! Noracium Mine also has several wonderful sceneries like a waterfall, underwater creek, massive crystals, and more that you will have to discover on your own!Ania Temple takes place on temple grounds in a jungle that is more open ended and lots of brush! Ania Temple also possesses several wonderful sceneries such as a temple, abandoned shacks, a shrine building, and more for you to see in game!Completing missions in game will award you with skins depending on what mission you take on! Everything can be earned in-game, everything in this game is earned not bought! We want to keep the integrity of this game above microtransactions while providing a fun experience where earning skins from missions match the difficulty level based on its uniqueness! In this Early Access we have the playable robot Quimic, a fun loving and easy-going character! Quimic will be joined by his robotic friends as updates to the game are made and as you make your way through the game!We plan on adding more playable robot characters, more maps, and some lore for those who are interested! Join the fray in Summer 2021!
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