Never BreakUp

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Never Breakup is a relaxing family game which support single mode, and multi-player mode.Play with your friends, lover, or even parents—it is tons of fun for both young and old alike. Players are transformed into ball-shaped animals and then bound together with an elastic rope.You can co-op with your teammates in story mode or compete with friends in race mode.It is time for you to test your bond. You will face obstacles and puzzles that will test your skill, cooperation and coordination!Features:Different modes for you to choose, Co-op in Story mode or compete in Racing mode.Support Local multiplayer or online multiplayer. ( 2- 4 players).Support Single player mode.Tons of beautiful maps: Visit mountain ranges, oceans, rainforests, deserts and cities!Collect and unlock tons of ornaments and new shapes for your creatures.Mini-games that can be played locally and online.Our realistic physics engine brings life to the elastic band which can be used to solve puzzles, eliminate enemies or even trip up your teammates if you're not careful!Features:Unlike Fall Guys, we don't have Crackers :P (with crackers fall guys is still a great and successful game)Compared to Human Fall flat, you can also set your friend up in our game ,or just help! (By the way, if you like "Climb walls", now you have second game to do that)the challenge to go though all levels is as high as over cooked, Never breakup is not so simple as it looks like.
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