Fault & Fragment

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Fault & Fragment is a game about exploring the ghost of a world, searching for a way to lay it to rest. Travel far, contend with terrible foes, and reignite the leylines that once powered your kingdom.Explore the corpse of the civilization you once called your own. Recover lost secrets, awaken dormant magic. Claim the power of the leylines as yours, and use them to carve the path of the futureMeet fellow travelers, some of whom may ask for your assistance. You may be asked to make sacrifices, with no hope of reward. You must choose wisely, knowing that the future will be born from the actions of the present.Reflect on what once was by communing with the fallen as a spirit. Move through walls, talk with the dead, and see what the corporeal might not. Experience the dreadful silence of the afterlife.Core Features Classic top-down action for the modern age. Explore a sprawling, intertwined world full of overgrown ruins, long-forgotten castles, and dessicated battlefields. Discover the unquiet spirits of the world and lay them to rest as you traverse across the Ethereal Plane. Best your enemies in deadly combat! Switch seamlessly between spells and melee weapons as you dodge and cut your way through your foes. Improve your abilities by uncovering a vast array of new spells and abilities! Mix and match to become even more powerful and uncover the secrets of the world! Meet a cast of dozens of characters, living or dead, all brought to life by hand, pixel by pixel. Beautiful landscapes, lovingly animated, provide a unique view into the world of Fault & Fragment.
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