Snares of Ruin 2

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Features:A sequel to Snares of Ruin - a largely loved detective story with romance, except this time the story takes place in another city.Choices and consequences. Your choices will affect the events of the story and the level of trust the others have in you.Romance-building. Build romantic relationships with the female characters and take them out on interesting dates.Athletics, Charisma, and Erudition system is back. How you choose to improve these attributes will open up different options for you in tackling the missions and other tasks.City Stats. Some of your choices will affect the city’s Safety, Economy, and Integrity, which will have an impact on the ending.Missing People Missions. In addition to your main missions, there are also optional missions to find the missing people in the city. Perhaps rescuing them will have a positive effect of some sort…Story:One month has gone by, and now Hank and his close female co-workers are wanted in a nearby city for a special case – to catch a serial killer. However, right from the start, it is clear that the killer has very unusual and terrifying methods of killing the victims. You are going to have to handle this case and to find out who is committing the murders and for what reason.You have your loyal and cute partner on the force Gwen, you have the smart vampire scientist Alzyra, you have the kind-hearted and shy nurse Medina, you have the ever-persistent and physically strong Miroslava, and now you shall gain two more allies: a gorgonoid woman Calixa who is your chief, and a friendly goblin investigator Lambek.Build trust with these people or act like a jerk to them, it is your choice, but know that what you do will have repercussions. The enemy you are about to face is a dangerous and unpredictable one. And some of your decisions will affect not only you and your allies, but also the city as a whole.
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