Euro NumismatCy! Coin Collector

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. BECOMES A GREAT NUMISMATISTIn this game, play as a numismatist in search of recognition, try to collect the maximum of commemorative coins among the 219 contained in the catalog then start your ascent in the ranking of Numismatists until becoming the number 1!. CLIMB THE SOCIAL LADDERTo obtain new coins, you will have to buy packages of commemorative coins, there are several types according to the money that you will have met each turn. Your salary will depend on your position in the ranking, if your collection is growing, your standard of living will inevitably improve. You will then be able to buy a nicer car or a more luxurious house!. VERSUS MODEConfronts different numismatists for each level of the ranking.Chain victories so that your opponents become aware of the extent of your collectionbut beware ! You will also need to use cunning and a relentless strategy to reach your goal!. COMPLEX ECONOMIC MANAGEMENTManage your money through various means, first of all by making sure to control your bank account through deposits and cash withdrawals based on the annual interest offered by your bank ... In case of problems, it is also possible to make a credit but beware, a bad credit repayment can lead you to bankruptcy!. QUICK PART AND OFFICIAL PARTPlay one or more "quick games" to improve your knowledge of the game and accumulate "official points" to pass the tricks in the "official game". The official part is longer and closer to the reality of the world coin collection!No real payment is included in the game.
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