Alpha Lyrae Discovery

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This is an open world game with no boundaries, including survival, battle, capture, strategy, construction, exploration, mining and other game elements. In a vary far future, human technology has reached an unimaginable state: maximizing resource utilization and recycling, using robots, and industrial efficiency. All science and knowledge has reached its peak and has begun to explore the distant universe. It starts with the galaxy closest to the earth: Alpha Lyrae. When you come to this distant galaxy, you bring all the technology and some robots to build. The only thing missing is resources. However, this discovered planet is rich in resources and almost unlimited, it is a combination of beauty. The planet has various terrains: grasslands, ice fields, snow, rivers, lakes, seas, mountains, valleys, hills, forests, volcanoes, swamps, deep pits, deserts. There are also various resource points: stone rock, clay, petroleum, magma ... etc. Different resource points can be mined and used in different ways. For example, water resources can be pumped, nuclear power plants can be built, and large pumping stations can be built. Metals can be refined next to magma, geothermal power can be generated, and obsidian bricks can be made. Players can also change or expand the terrain through some equipment. Different terrains will also affect each other. For example, the river flowing through the magma will change the magma into obsidian rock, and the magma flowing through the ice layer will melt the ice layer. Digging a valley allows magma or river water to flow through. However, abundance of resources also means that there are many competitors. It is not just us on the planet. Abundant resources also cultivate countless and huge creatures. It is known that these creatures usually live underground and are very sensitive to industrial noise and can cause aggressiveness. When increasing industrialization, higher noise will attract stronger and more enemies. They will be drilled from the ground, so it is important to build a hard floor, because you do not want it to drill from the ground of your base. Swamps and pits have stronger enemies, and monsters tend to emerge from these places. Players are advised to be cautious and strategically expanding. While taking resources a little bit, it is also necessary to establish security defense measures to resist monster attacks. The player's task is to search this planet, collect the necessary planet information, and finally build a large communication array to transfer your survival experience and information back to Earth. This game is open to the greatest degree of freedom. There are no level settings. The game mode and progress are dominated by players. Players can play multiple characters on the same map, and each character is a new beginning. Each character can transfer resources by placing resources on the map. We are already developing a multiplayer connection mode, and features will be released one after another. This game is updated weekly. Features: 1. Works will be finished by drones. Player can make more drones to increase working efficiency. So, the role need not to finish work one by one. 2. The world has no boundary. It means there are infinite resources. Player can build anywhere, even to build a super huge base. 3. For exploring the world, there are sea, plane, mountain and hills. There are also underground area for mining. 4. We update weekly.
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