Float Night

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Hello, I'm a personal developer. By constantly learning programming knowledge to develop the game I want to achieve, I like to develop simple and easy games. Please expect 'Float Night' to be a easy to collect resources, simple to build, no craft, sustainable small sandbox game. I greatly appreciate feedback and bug report.Thank you for taking the time to read this, I really hope you enjoy playing this game.Collect any resources as far as you can. No craftsmanship needs to be planned in advance, all buildings are purchased with XMB, and XMB is earned through the resources sold.At night, take the weapon to defend the core of the company, a large number of monsters will try to destroy all outsiders.Building houses or plant breeding houses on alien islands.Tower defense, you don't have to go to find the monster, the monster comes to you every night.Recruit robots to fight monsters, alien survival is no longer alone.A variety of weather systems, when the adventure is tired, you can quietly look at the rainy night outside the window in a self-built house to feel another life.Steam achievements, Steam leaderboards, Steam cloud support!Simple and easy gaming experience.
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