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What is Corpsefall?Guess what? You're a dang witch.Guess also what? You're broke as heck and have moved to a place called Corpsefall to make your fortune!Wouldn't you know it though, Corpsefall is a shanty town, and also broke as heck.Looks like you'll need to harvest resources, craft your wares, and sell them to make that dough, then build the town up from nothing.Let's throw some townspeople into the mix! They're a weird lot, and you're gonna meet them all.Make some friends, man! Maybe help that insecure Duopus find her inner sea monster.I hear the Arena Master is looking for blood, just a pint or two.Rule of threes, baby! The point is, there are a bunch of people to meet, help, and email...Oh, what's that? Email? You read that right. Corpsefall isn't your typical RPG/Farming Sim, it's also an operating software."That doesn't make sense!" you exclaim, and yeah, you're right. Check out the screenshots, cause they illustrate it better.Drag those townspeople around your desktop, they don't mind.Town upgrades install more townspeople and unlock things to do like:Gardening Arena runningDungeon divingAnd moreRight, email. You've got a little mail center app! Use it to chat with the townspeople, fulfill requests, and hand out reaction icons. So get to brewing! You've got a shanty town to rebuild.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This game has been my first venture into pixel art and programming, so all feedback is welcome! I would love to know any features you'd like to see in the future.
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