Config Wars

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In Config Wars players fight for survival of their civilization in epic multiplayer battles, configuring their units for battle in real time. The real-time strategy game developed by DaRa Games takes queens and kings into the world of tiny-men and offers them a high-quality, comprehensive and uncompromising strategy games experienceThe Game Offers Engaging multiplayer battles with competitive gameplay - Play with your friends and take part in epic multiplayer battles in Tiny-World. Command your infantry on foot, on horseback, or take control of amazing vehicles on land, in the air and on the water. Individually configurable armor and weapons - They allow you to equip you units optimally for the upcoming battle and to beat your opponent. Develop your individual kit of equipment and refine it from battle to battle. Randomly generated maps - use the terrain for yourself and surprise your opponent in an ambush or from your army into an insurmountable wall. Battle in 1v1 or join a team in a 2v2 battle and fight for supremacy in Tiny-World. Different kind of real-time strategy - Config Wars combines familiar game mechanisms from the tactical RTS genre with sophisticated resource managements to create a new and exciting gaming experience for young and old. Lovingly designed graphics - dive into a world full of colors and weird ideas. Let your units fly with the pigeon balloon or ride into battle on hand-drawn bears.The battlefields are calling you and some Tiny-mans are already preparing themselves for the battle.
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