Red Blue

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# GAMEPLAY - Enemies fall down from up to down. So you must destroy them until they are not reached the guard line. - Enemies have two colors(red and blue), so you have to match the same color to destroy them. - There are Stage Mode and Endless Mode. Stage Mode have 3 Levels and Endless Mode is just one. - This is not a Rhythm game. It's similar to fast reaction game. # CONTROLS - Red Blue is using only 4 keyborad to play the game. - Left Arrow Key : Go Left - Right Arrow Key : Go Right - Up Arrow Key : Fire - Down Arrow Key : Chage Color(Red to Blue or Blue to Red) - And you can use two option keys. Space Bar is restart and ESC is return menu. # FEATURES - Easy to learn, simple arcade style controls - very simple rule, but hard to clear. - It's good for your finger exercise and dynamic visual acuity.
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