Rule No. 1

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You'll have to PLAY the game in order to figure out exactly what Rule Number One is! Until then, let us hit you with some of the game's DESCRIBEY BITS:Like a First Person Shooter version of 'Geometry Wars' and possibly the greatest 'warm-up' game ever created,Rule number one is a fast-paced Arena-FPS with a dusting of Rogue-Lite, featuring a wisecracking, slightly-foul-mouthed, more-than-slightly-sexy heroine named Rule (voiced by KoolySmiley) who actually dates back to 2016 and has her own unreleased RPG that we hope to finish one day! (Looking at you -- sales!).So come on! Relax, and put the hurt on a swarm of innumerable metal-bastards and their trusty monster sidekicks as you curse your way through failure after failure and eventually, onwards to victory -- and maybe a hi-score or two!*Said heroine Irulan (Rule for short) has been known to cause moderate bouts of Euphoria in players and before you become one yourself it is highly recommended that you steel yourself for said good-feelings. Walk Without Rhythm Games is not responsible for any crushes that you may develop whilst playing Rule No. 1 and are thus absolved of any wrongdoing.: )
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