Drumpf 2: Lost, But Not Forgotten! - Soundtrack

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Soundtrack for Drumpf 2:Lost, But Not Forgotten!Song listing:In the Land of the FreeEnd of the LineTired of WinningBDDJDBCBurakku GaiGoldwater GirlBasket of DeplorablesSlumsy AcresLaw and OrderDreamholeSojourner's SewersMidtown BluesGreater HeightsKavanaught High SchoolCapitol City CongressCyberspaceYou're Fired!Tragedy and RegretBlood-Covered DeathThe Moan of BlowbilskiIvory TowerLord Billary - Archduke of ArkansHulking HilariaThis Land is Our LandTerrible Deal (Former 51)Neo TwataoThe GladeTolkingdomDantean DownsIridescesphereIvy SocietyCorny CopseLe Graine MagnifiqueGod-Head BreaudeauBreaudeau the TolerantGolden MopSeins RebondissantsStill WinningSleepy TimeSad!Tinkers' HollowFeatures:Number of tracks: 41.Total runtime: 1 hour, 05 minutes, 51 seconds.All tracks are in mp3 format, 320 Kbps.Soundtrack can be located in: ..\Steam\steamapps\common\Drumpf 2 Lost But Not Forgotten\Soundtrack\
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