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Fishman is a recreational fishing game that supports multiple people online. A colourful group of marine organisms lives in the deep ocean. There are magnificent lantern fish, silly turtles, graceful mermaids, crocodiles with big mouth, dancing devils and golden sharks. Only brave Fishman can drive fishing boats to deep sea fishing. There are many fishing grounds in the game. Each fishing ground is anchored by a number of fishing boats. A fishing boat can accommodate up to four fishmen. Fishman can drive fishing boats to sea to catch fish. The game uses the first vision to control the turret to launch artillery shells and bombs to fish. You can increase or decrease the firepower of the turret by clicking on the buttons on both sides of the turret to increase or decrease the firepower of the turret. Lantern fish, mermaids, crocodiles, golden sharks will be awarded 10,000 gold coins, other big fish will be awarded 1,000 to 5,000 gold coins, and small fish will be awarded 10 to 500 gold coins. When you have been fishing for a long time, you can also go to "Lucky Wheel" to play with the wheels and harvest your luck. The prizes are all kinds of fish and bombs. You can also chat with fishermen about fishing experience at the hero list of the game. Game initial landing needs to create characters (Chinese players support mobile text message validation, other countries do not support players for the time being), after successful registration, send gold coins, bombs. Every day the game can also enjoy the system gift of gold coins. The game can add friends (up to 100), add friends, friends can send each other mail gift gold coins to enhance feelings, without any consumption (up to 50 friends a day). Game "replenishment station" can buy gold coins, bombs, VIP and other game props. After purchasing VIP 1, VIP 2 and VIP 3, you will enjoy a 10-fold value of gold coins from the daily system dedicated to VIP users. Game "rankings" can view their rankings in the world of fishing, enjoy the success of fishing happiness. Pro, register as a member of Fishman to enter the fishing ground, board the fishing boat and set up the turret to shoot, throw bombs and enjoy fishing!
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