Endless Jade Sea Cosplay Album

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This is the Cosplay Album for Endless Jade Sea. Cosplayed by famous cosers. Please stay hydrated while you're at it! This DLC includes: ✿ Michiru cosplayed by: 「星之迟迟」 ✿ Chisha cosplayed by: 「樱花病少女」 ✿ Sorane and Rikuno cosplayed by: 「Momoko葵葵」 ✿ Haina cosplayed by: 「鳗鱼霏儿 」 ✿ Tsumugi cosplayed by: 「镜酱」 ✿ Sara cosplayed by: 「Shika小鹿鹿」 ✿ Makina cosplayed by: 「秋山AkI」 Instructions: This DLC will be automatically downloaded to the root folder of Endless Jade Sea, all the pictures are in ultra-high resolution.
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