My Anchor Girlfriend

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My University Girlfriend
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My Ten-day Girlfriend
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You are a 19-year-old student. Just finished the college entrance examination, a good university life is about to end.I kicked off and wanted to talk about a love.But because of the family, I have always been more inferior, one withWhen the girl touched, she couldn’t speak.Now there is such an opportunity that you like a female anchor. In the game, you can squander your money and please her. Use the VR controller to control your girlfriend to do what you like to do.Operation method:Dance stageClick (Trigger) to send a giftClick (Teleport) to change giftsDating phase:Click (Teleport) to move the locationClick (Grabpinch) to switch posesIn the girlfriend's hands, feet, waist, neck, you can click on the (Trigger) button to control your girlfriend.
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