The Seasons Collection: Spring

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The first game of The Seasons Collection involves a journey to remember. A journey of a young man, Cyrus, trying to find his sister, Ava, while mysteriously being able to communicate with her through his mind. But let’s not forget the brilliant FPS gameplay this game offers using a satisfying rifle and a shotgun to remember. We tried to combine the two most important things of a single player game. Brilliant storytelling and fabulous, fulfilling gameplay. Enjoy your time in Spring as you fry some Zlorps and Exodi. But don’t forget to pay attention to the conversation between Cyrus and Ava as it slowly uncovers the mystery of the forest. Cyrus wakes up one day all alone in a forest. His one goal: find his sister. Obviously, it is harder for him than it sounds as he is always interrupted by creatures that are definitely not human. This game is RDNA Games’ first attempt at indie game development. Follow Cyrus through the first of the four seasons in The Seasons Collection.
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