RPG Maker MV - Classic Heroes

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Pixel Game Maker MV
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Your classic heroes are here! The armored warrior, swift archer and pointy hatted mage are ready for battle. Their mysterious nature makes them perfect for any occasion. Whether you need a party of enemy guards or a vigilant archer, this pack has you covered! You'll find each hero comes in both male and female versions, light or dark skinned, and in eight colors each. That's 96 variations in total! FEATURES: * 6 Classic Hero characters (Warrior / Mage / Archer: in Male & Female) * 6 unique side-view animation battlers (8 color variations each) * 6 matching busts (8 color variations each) * 6 matching facesets (8 color variations each) * 6 matching walk sprites (8 color variations each) * All above comes in 2 skin tone versions (light or dark) * BONUS: Warrior heroes come in both sword and spear versions for side-view animation battlers! * For use in RPG Makers, Visual Novel Maker or the engine of your choice!
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