Untitled Space Game

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Untitled Space Game is a local multiplayer PvP game. With a plethora of game options you can play any way you like. Adjustable health, options for powerups, different game modes and up to 3 players. Beat your friends, get money, buy better weapons, beat them more! Modes: There are three modes: Normal mode, Simple Mode and Party mode. In Normal mode you get money for kills to buy better weapons, shields, and dashes. In Party mode after each round the rules change. Simple mode is simple, no money only one weapon last alive wins. Player Health: Player health can be adjusted from 1 - 100. The way the game is played varies widely depending on what health you choose. For maximum strategy we recommend playing on instant death. Powerups (Option to turn these off): There are 4 Powerups: Double Speed. (Doubles your speed) More bullets. (Decreases the cooldown in between shots) More Spray. (Increases the amount of spray and the angle of it) Hp + (Refills your HP (Only appears when not on instant death)) Turning on powerups will also drop small asteroids from the top of the screen, so when the timer counts down to zero make sure you don't get hit because it's an instant death no matter how much health you have! Dashing (Option to turn it off): Every few seconds you can dash which will send you a short distance instantly in the way you are moving. When dashing you are teleported and all obstructions in the way to not matter and you will take no damage. Note: Although there is a one player mode, for maximum fun we recommend playing with friends. Note 2: A Gamepad is not needed for 2 players. But for three players you will need to plug in a gamepad.
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