Captain Starshot - Soundtrack

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The Original Soundtrack of Captain Starshot - collaborated with and created by WellcookedAudio.This Soundtrack DLC features seven unique tracks from the Captain Starshot. It includes around 15+ minutes of listening time and is in MP3 format.The soundtrack includes the following tracks;- Engage Hyperdrive - 02:07- Dial 'S' for Starshot - 02:54- Faint Humanity - 02:47- Run and Vaporize- 01:32- Space Stranger - 03:05- Away Team - 02:03- Nautilus - 02:46The soundtrack files will be placed in your Captain Starshot folder in your Steam Library Directory, which will be:...Steam\steamapps\common\CaptainStarshot\Captain Starshot - The Original Soundtrack
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