Royal Wedding Quest! Demo

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This is a demo; the game ends after having only met 4/7 suitors.Royal wedding Quest! is a fantasy otome game where your character goes on a quest to find a husband and claim the throne of her country.Your character, the current queen's daughter, has to follow traditions; When the Queen is ready to pass down the power, all the single noble young ladies in the country are sent out on a quest. Taking along a representative of each of the four guilds, a mage, a healer, a warrior and a rogue, they have to go on an adventure to find noble young men to marry. The big quest is full of dangers as they compete to become the new queen.While on her quest your character will have to deal with bandits, rivals, but also self-doubt and a sudden need to grow up and become an adult. You follow her as she discovers the world and does her best to find what makes her happy- and perhaps fall in love on the way. Her fate is in your hands.The game has some fairly unique features:There is no "True ending"; while some endings are more complete your main goal is to achieve your character's happiness. Your character is defined early on in the game and will influence your chances at a romance with some love interests, unlock or lock certain choices and change your reactions to some situations.You have two potential rivals, both with their own story arc you will get involved in.You may now customise your character's appearance as well; there's 48 possible different looks for the MC.There's a total of 7 love interests, including one lady and one leading you down an alternative lifestyle path if you're not into vanilla stuff. The game is still in developpment so more features may appear, and some content in the demo might be subject to change.
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