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Tower Defense Hero
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Story Flora, a former leader of Nova's army, is back in service. Still alive baal the necromancer contaminates the pago lands with his evil power. Flora's mission is to build a large army and recover power artifacts to annihilate her enemies. In her quest she will need you! Are you up to the challenge? Pago Forest worthy successor of The Dragon's Vengeance (scenario) renews its gameplay. We are no longer in an educational game this time but in a real tower defense! The goal is to put the right characters or tower at the right time against the right enemies. For this you will need gold! a lot of gold! and courage of course... The game is composed of 5 acts, 26 missions that each have their trailer. Each act ends with a boss. Like its predecessor, the dialogues will be well garnished with jokes :) We will also find a mana bar for the spells delivered by the artefacts (beware some powers are only used once per level) The game is simple to understand but you will have to use strategy to finish it...
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