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PLAY THE FREE PROLOGUE the GameDelve into the Rockrose region, backed by mountains and hemmed in by the sea.Before the incident, its trails were travelled by hikers and pilgrims, now it is a place frozen in time, where the animals fled long ago.Put yourself in Ilai's shoes, a scientific illustrator caravan camping on the edge of the lake in the 1970s, undertaking a special assignment. One day, he discovers an unmapped section of forest and everything changes.Explore Rockrose's autumn in search of oddities, visit its abandoned places and discover its secrets.Features:Enjoy the atmospheric environment, with amazing secluded spots and spectacular scenery.Open world and free of invisible walls. Explore freely and discover the secrets hidden in the region.Immerse yourself in the experience via the spatial sound. (We recommend the use of headphones for a complete experience).Plunge into a story told through the use of environmental narrative. Let the environment build the story.Rockrose features dynamic climatology, which affects the gameplay to some extent.
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