Second World: Air War S

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Second World: Air War S, This is a fighter jet shooting game: a battle that takes place on floating islands. You are a pilot of a bumblebee fixed wing fighter aircraft. The fighter aircraft is armed with advanced weapons: Machine guns/Missiles/Engine booster/Energy shield. The fighter aircraft flies over a series of jaw-dropping floating islets. To enhance game operability, the aircraft flies on a fixed path. The critical element of the game is the shooting part, of course. When swarms of enemy fleets descend from the sky and firing out countless bullets that fill the whole screen, activate the engine booster to dodge some of the attacks. And there is the crazy invincible mode renders you immune to enemy’s attack for a limited time. Find particular enemies and destroy them to get weapon supplies. Features ■ The island of flare with erupting volcanos ■ The island of luminescence with lightning ■ Flying over dazzling floating islands ■ Leviathan battleships that give players shocking visual impacts ■ 99 rounds of missiles that can aim at multiple targets ■ Full-thrust flying ■ International ranking Mission ■ Fire Isand: Missile ship*2 / Sky turret*3 / Tank*4 (9 enemies for this stage). ■ Night Light Island: Boss battleship*1 / Light battleship*3 / Sky turret*3 / Tank*6 (13 enemies for this stage).
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