The Tower of Five Hearts

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StoryThere are five continents of roughly-equal size, side-by-side, and all of them meet to an approximate point in the middle. At this meeting of borders, there is a tower: The Tower of Five Hearts. One Royal Family is in charge of upholding the peace for every continent, by marrying off their child to a prospective girl from one of the continents. It’s more of a contest-five girls trying to be Maids, in the hope that their master (the Prince) will fall in love with them... However this time, it’s a Princess.FeaturesA cute and adorable yuri visual novel featuring kemonomimi (animal ears)!Play the role of a princess to find the girl meant for you!Over 10 Hscenes to explore!Multi-platform Support! (Windows, Mac, and Linux)Maids! ---Any future content for the game will be free dlc.
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